Replacing a car windshield is one of the more time-consuming tasks that car owners often face. But it's also one of the most misunderstood. It seems like a huge job, but it's a straightforward one that other people can take care of for you within a few hours; the big issue for you is protecting the windshield while it cures and not driving for a day or so. Cost may be a concern for some, but for most people, their car insurance policy may hold some pleasant surprises.

Double-Check With Your Insurance

A broken windshield is usually covered by a comprehensive insurance policy. For people with policies that are at the bare minimum, e.g., liability only in a state that requires that you have only liability coverage, then the driver may have to foot the bill themselves. But if you have an insurance policy that includes comprehensive coverage, chances are great that the replacement cost is already covered. Some states have separate windshield-specific policies, too, that cover the cost of replacement outside of comprehensive coverage. Always call your insurance agent before assuming anything about your ability to pay for the replacement.

Do It Now, Before It Gets Worse

Get the replacement done as soon as possible. While the location of the crack on the windshield plays a major role in whether or not it gets worse, that's not the only factor. You can have a crack near the edge of the windshield that never gets worse because you drive carefully and try not to put the car through anything that could result in a jolting motion; you could have a crack in the middle of the windshield that gets worse because you weren't very careful about driving and the glass just happened to have a defect in the same spot. When you end up with a windshield crack that needs replacement, take care of it as soon as you can.

Look for Mobile Replacement Companies

When a windshield is replaced, it has to be cured and be stored in such a way that the weather or sunlight won't weaken the adhesive. If you have that sort of environment at your home (e.g., you have a garage where you can park your car), look for a mobile windshield repair and replacement company. If the company can come out to your house to do the work, you won't have to worry about damaging something as you drive home from the repair shop.

Once you arrange for a windshield repair and replacement shop to look at the damage, they'll let you know if the work can be done at your home or if you have to bring the car in. Either way, arrange for an appointment as soon as you can. The sooner this is completed, the better you'll feel.

For more information about car windshield replacement, contact a local auto repair shop.